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We are a one of a kind family owned photography graphic design business located in Hobe Sound. We specialize in volume photography including sports, performing arts, school, corporate headshots and business branding, as well as creating compelling graphics to help businesses thrive.


Imagine “picture day” being a fun photo shoot that outputs high quality photos. Then having a super easy way to order prints and download memories! That’s what we do. Whether you are a parent, coach, school teacher, administrator, performing arts director, business owner, or in any other way in need of a lot of individual and group portraits we are here ready to talk about your photo shoot.

Here at Sunshine Lens, we aim to bring together a great local customer relationships and high image quality to volume photography.  We starting out in volume photography by taking the photos for our son’s soccer team one year because the team had a away game in the opposite direction as our allotted picture day time. Those pictures were a hit, and the following year we were photographing the whole soccer club! Now we’ve expanded to in multiple sports and more. We absolutely love what we do! Capturing these young kids turning into young adults year after year.